Paris Hilton Poses For Love’s Advent 2018

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aldo-vallon - January 9, 2018

 So is Paris Hilton simply done aging? Is this it for her? This woman was a major part of my formidable years as a teen, so I paid great attention to what she looked like back then. Now that I am getting a good look at her here, I have to say that I am not seeing much of a difference. 

I would love to get some of the computer software from one of those CSI television shows that is capable of performing ridiculous tasks. I would use it to compare every feature of Paris in order to see what has aged over the last decade. From what I can recall she never had much going on in the boob department and now they are looking quite voluptuous. That could be a change, or it could be bra magic. I would like to know the computer's thoughts on this.

Even the woman's nose does not seem to have changed. I have it on good authority from my middle school science teacher that the human nose never stops growing throughout its lifespan. That means Paris Hilton is either a lizard person, or she sands it down like she is Pinocchio.



 Photo Credit: LOVE / Youtube

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