Olivia Culpo In Tiny Top And Skin Tight Leggings

Every time we cover Olivia Culpo I need to Google who she is, not because she isn't the A-list acting sensation of our generation, but because she's so shockingly stunning that I can never walk away remembering anything other than her bodylicious curves and adorbs face. Well, after some research I'm here to tell you that Culpo is famous, and even has five acting credits on IMDB. She also won Miss Universe in 2012, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone out there with eyes.

Today's pap pics were taken in West Hollywood, where Culpo was treating herself to the spa and popping into Alfred Coffee. According to the journalists at Backgrid, Olivia also "made sure to keep herself hydrated with a large bottle of water." You heard it here folks. Check out Culpo's busty-o-rama - and adequately pampered, caffeinated, and hydrated - bod in the gallery. 


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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