Hailey Baldwin Little Mini-Skirt Out Shopping

 Is the denim skirt supposed to be a classier alternative to the redneck Daisy Dukes? Because I have to be honest, I am not seeing much of a difference. Under the poor lighting of a bar, and after having had a few brewskies, I do not think I could tell the two apart. I would probably even prefer the mini-skirt due to its ease of access.

If you have not already noticed by now, take a look at Hailey's shoes. The soles of those things are so thick that even Ashley Graham is getting jealous. They are like socially acceptable platform shoes, and that I cannot condone. 

There used to be an understanding between men and women. We men would tolerate them artificially adding to their height, so long as it was due to a high heeled shoe, preferably a stiletto. That way they can appear taller and we can find them sexier, everybody wins. But this is simply deceitful and embarrassing. It is as bad as a balding man wearing a baseball cap when he meets a woman for the first time. Both he and Hailey know what they are doing, and I do not like it one bit. 


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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