Gigi Hadid Sextastic Pink Winter Chic

Who else but Gigi Hadid would be out and about on a cold day in New York City with a Givenchy bag you could fit four full sized adults in? I don't even know what Givenchy sells that would require a bag that friggin big? Maybe she bought six or more pairs of boots and got herself a nice discount. Saving money is fun, even when you've got enough money and riches to make Solomon blush.

She's also clearly out in front of this pale pink trend I keep hearing about in all the fashion magazines. Dusty Rose is the new pink which is the new black. I wonder how long it will last? It doesn't matter to Gigi, who will likely continue her post winter ritual of burning all of last year's coats in a large barrel in front of several dozen homeless people. It's what helps keep her sane.

I wonder if we'll ever get an answer to what exactly is in that oversized novelty bag of hers? I don't imagine we'll ever find out, unless some intrepid photographer wants to follow her to her residence and watch as she unveils an altar to Ba'al. That seems like something Givenchy is most definitely selling out of the back room.

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Photo Credit: Splash News

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