Ashley Graham Instagram Panties


It is going to be a beautiful day when assless chaps stop being so taboo. The yoga pants of the future is what I say. Imagine a world where you can walk down the street and see that two of the most highly sought after areas of a woman are put on display. But these chaps will not only be stylish, they will also serve a very important function. How many times have you spent a day out and about only to realize you got a swampass brewing that could rival those on Dagobah? Well, with chaps on your body that will never be a problem again. They allow for the easy access of wind to hit all those otherwise hard to reach areas. I tell you now, you have not lived until you have felt the cooling breeze of a summer day hit your nether regions. I instantly turn into a southern gentleman from Louisiana. I white canvas suit appears on my body and I start dabbing the sweat off my forehead with a handkerchief while saying, "Well, I do declare." I have no idea what that phrase means, but I keep repeating it like I am Howard Hughes.      

Photo/Video Credit: Instagram  

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