Birthday Girl: Top 10 Times Dannie Riel Left Us Breathless


The sultry Canadian model Dannie Riel keeps things, well, Riel, for her 1.3 million Instagram followers by sharing fun and flirty details of her life through pics and videos. Dannie owes her striking looks to her French-Chinese heritage, but we can't guarantee that's how she got her curves. Those come straight from God.

Today Dannie Riel turns the big 2-8, and while that specific age isn't necessarily a milestone, we'll take any excuse we can get to celebrate this brunette bombshell's beauty. Head to the gallery to see the barely-clothed Dannie Riel in all sorts of inventively strategic situations. My personal favorite pic involves her basically nude body and some gold leaf, but if you have another one let us know in the comments below. Push it. Push it Riel good. 


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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