Amber Heard Marrying Elon Musk, According to Amber’s Dad


Amber Heard had a rough couple of months there when she and Johnny Depp parted company, but it looks as though the blonde beauty's love life is back on track. Perhaps it's her upcoming onscreen role as Aquaman's wife in Justice League that has inspired her, but Amber is hoping to walk down the aisle once again in real life, this time with boyfriend and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

All of this is according to Amber's father, who said that the 30 year old actress and 45 year old tech billionaire are very much in love and hoping to walk down the aisle. A "source close to Musk" wrote those rumors off, however, and said that the couple's respective busy schedules have kicked any talk of marriage down the road, for now anyway. 

Whether the pair end up married or not, I think it's proof positive that Amber will land on her feet no matter what happens. She has stared down the barrel of adversity time and again and emerged unscathed. I think she should start being an inspirational speaker. I would go hear her, especially if she gave those speeches in a low cut number, showing lots of cleavage.

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