Alessandra Ambrosio Naked Hot and Barely Covered in Narcisse


Alessandra Ambrosio puts the oomph in MILFtastic. That doesn't make a ton of sense, but neither does how extraordinarily hot she is at a veteran model mom of two, or three if she accepts my offer to be her adopted ANR child. Oh, the suckling fun we will have.

While much of Alessandra's modeling work involves VS lingerie shoots, which are certainly alluring, on occasion the sweltering hot Brazilian mom will turn in a near naked performance of epic pants inflation such as this photo spread in Narcisse magazine. If this bit of prurient wonderment doesn't give rise to seventeen fantasies within the first eleven seconds, your fantasy generator is likely broken or needs oil. This fine female form is recklessly sextastic. Or she's sextastic, now I'm being reckless. Crank up the Aerosmith and lock all the doors. Daddy's going to breach. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Narcisse Magazine Issue 6

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