Michelle Monaghan Forties and Faptastic BTS for Shape Magazine (VIDEO)

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We saw Michelle Monaghan in her splendid brunette hottie MILFtastic photos in Shape magazine, but we do always wait for the behind the scenes shot to see our beauties un-retouched and in the faptastic flesh. In this case, Forties and Faptastic for the thespianic and proud mom of two. Oh, how I'd like un-un-touch Michelle.

Shot along the beach, you can see Michelle prancing and leaping about in various hot mom swimsuits and bikinis, baring her tight midriff and small, but heavenly boobtastic. What a smoking hot mature lady. The kind I'd like to take on a beach vacation of my own. Michelle, you'd have to pay, but I promise you, completely servitude from the moment we arrive until the moment you run screaming from the room. It's inevitable. But oh so many fond memories. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Shape magazine

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