Kate Beckinsale Wicked Hot MILFtastic Behind the Scenes of 'Shape' (VIDEO)




As you know, behind the scenes is where the real action takes place on magazine photoshoots. Not only do you get the hotter shots, but BTS video can't be corrupted by airbrushing and gloss and sparkle like the ultimately published photos in the journal. It's really the true measure of sextastic. And Kate Beckinsale is rolling in it.

The Forties and Faptastic uber hot mom and her lean worked out body took to the studios of Shape magazine to pimp her latest Underworld installment and show off the results of her pre-latex body suit vampire role workout. I'd say it worked out alright. Kate is so damn hot. When she breaks into that British accent, I wet myself like a little child. She's almost too much for one man to handle. Kate, won't you be my mommy? Those headlights are crushing my libidinal cortex. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Shape magazine

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