Charlotte McKinney Ocean Drive Blonde Hottie (VIDEO)


Charlotte McKinney, or as I like to call her, Kate Upton who?, has really cemented herself in the role of hardest working blonde bombshell in Los Angeles these days, taking and any all work and putting her best funbags forward with every role and shoot. If you don't think effort plays a role in climbing to the top of this business, then you're probably talking about somebody with an important dad. Everybody else is hustling. 

In this sweetly revealing boudoir shoot in Ocean Drive magazine shot by Randall Slavin, Charlotte shows off her ridiculously hot body and genuine good looks. She's not everyone's cup of tea, only most everybody. You know, people who like busty delicious women with curves that go on forever. I'm not sure who the other people even are. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Ocean Drive magazine


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