Hellcats Canceled! Where Shall We Turn For Our Aly Michalka Lust? (VIDEO)

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What sick twisted number cruncher in some television studio office somewhere decided to pull the plug Hellcats? You know, Hellcats is art, for god's sake! It's not just crude commerce. Each week, different displays of cheerleading prowess featuring the ridiculously bodacious bodied Aly Michalka (not to mention sweet petite Ashley Tisdale) decked out in short pleated skirts and cheerleader socks -- the socks, damn you, the cute cotton socks! Now, all gone. Washed away as the world so often does, turning a cold shoulder to its most magnificent, but sadly under-appreciated creations.

Gretchen just put a Snuggie over me to warm my outsides, but inside, well, I'm so cold. So very cold.

I'm going to attempt to heal my broken lust bone with these Aly Michalka bikini pictures from the behind the scenes video of that amazing photoshoot she did for OP. Aly Michalka, boobtastic and body-delicious, in a bikini, this just might work. Enjoy.

aly-michalka-OP-photoshoot-behind-the-scenesby EgotasticMedia

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