Evan Rachel Wood Lingerie Pictures Give You One to Grow On

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Well, it's only fair that since we ogled Evan Rachel Wood all kinds of full frontal birthday suit in Mildred Pierce last week that this week we leer at the sexy actress in some amount of clothing in her photoshoot for the latest edition of Esquire magazine. Now, I don't condone the smoking of the cigarettes, but in the sexy maw of a naughty lingerie-clad Evan Rachel Wood, exceptions must be made. Heck, she could be eating a liverwurst sandwich through her nasal passages and I'd still be checking her out. A real Egotastic! man can look past a lot to see a lot. Enjoy.

(Note to the kids: don't smoke. Stare at boobs instead. Boob ogling will make you happy and live a long, clean, and if you don't count spending all your money on the pursuit of women through most of your adult days, a productive life)

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